dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Which Future for the Oracle EWC ?

The meeting planned in Barcelona with the EMEA HR Management and the Oracle European Works Council Steering Committee, should give some lights about the way employee representation may take place at the EMEA level.

The stakes are high on both ends, as no aggrement has been reached during the 3 years Special Body Negociation Timeframe (initiated on our formal request).
The EWC is therefore operating on the Legal Subsidiary Requirements from the UK Legislation.

owever, EWC consultations rights have been enforced recently and moreover, we definitly believe we can bring value to the company by expressing unmuted "ground" analysis. We know many corporations operate efficiently with a strong hand and top down approach. But when conditions get tougher, employee active participation is absolutely needed, and common understanding, adaptative employee empowerment is critical to take the right decisions at the right time. Top Down Bureaucracy is not affordable anymore is we still want to lead the changes. Let's not be afraid of hearing the EMEA employee voices - Could some good advise also come from the field ?

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