samedi 5 septembre 2015

Dev & MW RIF

As reported by the register, and multiple tweeter feeds, last week seems to have been final to few hundreds  employees in the Dev/MW Organisation.

Reports mention impacts on Java (with huge discussions again regarding the product strategy) , MW Products, Technical Writers positions. 

Well... Back a few days ago, the organization still reported 30800 Employees;

At the very same time, 10 Development VPs have also been impacted. Linked-in status shows some of them already acting in other companies (Verifone, Medallia). 
Others, now show "Open to opportunities". 
  Read More : Twitter, Officewall, tweet-cfdtoracle,

dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Oracle Software Support Chile - The End

 Friday Morning - An all hands meeting to announce this is the end of a 6 years story.

This support center had 120 employees, very professional and happy to help.
 62 of them have already joined the very new Ex Oracle Chile Facebook group.

We're very sorry for this, happening all of a sudden- You'll be missed.

vendredi 10 juillet 2015

Oracle Software Support in Chile ceased today

You will have problems finding an official annoucement regarding the end of this story.
The communication plan is tight, and all communications  have been secured by conference calls only.

However, you may see by yourself the numerous goodbye/farewell messages sent here.

Despite the very sudden announcement to the impacted employees, the goodbye messages are very kind, and positive about these past years. You'll appreciate this one : "Good luck with my SRs!!!"  

Good luck to you, dear collegues, and as you say "Hasta Pronto".

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