jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Oracle Global Reponsability - Let's build a real momentum

Oracle Earth week Celebration, with many volunteers in action for a better world is also an opportunity to request more from the company best assets - to make a better world.

Why not offering the best software to save life or prevent people from beeing harmed ?
Why not offering the best engineered software to the most demanding non profitable organisations

Health care institutions, Genetic diseases foundations deserves more empowerment from Oracle than just encouraging employees to take on their personal time to take telethon phone calls once a year.

We feel that the public sector and the non profit organisation could benefit the scalability, parallelisation capabilities, analytical datamining features of Oracle Software - For the best of mankind, and the honor of the company.

Let's remind that Oracle had a non GAAP Operating Margin of 44%, reaching 3.9 Billion dollars for a single last quarter.

Today, The French Senate did vote the Tobin Tax for France !

There is no more time to wait - Let's move !