mercredi 31 août 2011

Oracle's Africa dealings come under FBI scrutiny

We had the opportunity to report many times the company lack of transparency regarding Oracle tax haven operations, in capability to host many secret fund transfers towards swiss accounts.
CFDT Labor Union filled an official complaint regarding Oracle Ethics Code and the lack of compliance of Offshore operations.

The complaint was dismissed without further investigations.

The wall street journal is reporting an FBI investigation towards Oracle African deals, initiated few years ago, that could unveil many very unethics affairs, if the Tax havens operations secrecy could be blown out.

How many times shall we wait before state of art accounting, independant certification and operations transparency is enforced in subsidiaries like Cayman Islands ?

When are we really going to shut down these darn tax haven ?

You will find very few Electronic traces of tax haven operations, employees, web sites, contacts - We should not get exposed to our own Ethics code whisleblowing process ! Opacity is at its maximum, and no one knows who watches these subsidiaries !

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mardi 16 août 2011

France Bonus Story

Why are French employees are not elligible to bonuses ?
Some might spread the word because of rep unions.

The true story is somewhat different - You can blame a very poor management.

There has been no problems for years, as long as management used wisely of the "discretionnary" distribution, and no one had to dispute any unfair treatment.
However the tough years came and bonuses were heavily impacted. This would have been fine if discretionnary hadn't taken the new form of negative discremination in too many managers hands.
Women were clearly not fairly treated, entire top performing teams were forgotten, and friendship networking took over the performance recognition.
Bonuses were distributed to friends ( for example from you the same merger company, or yes-men), killing confidence of many in fair appraisals, and building strong resentment amongst employees.

Our responsability as a union was to ask for a sensible treatment for all performers. We wanted bonuses to have a written basis.

Instead, the management decision was to shut down bonuses, and finally close the door to performance recognition.

We have asked again in May the opening of negociations on this topic - to be followed.

jeudi 11 août 2011

1700 recruitments within Oracle Europe

Info From the financial Times.
Those recruitments, as seen on the website will largely concerne field sales reps.
You may drill down per country, 900 Sales rep positions are available when selecting "none" in the country field (and including soudi arabia, kenya positions...)