samedi 15 juin 2013

Offshore Leaks - Open Acccess to the database

From ICIJ - "The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists today releases an interactive database that helps crack open the historically impenetrable world of offshore tax havens. 

The ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database allows the public to search through more than 100,000 secret companies, trusts and funds created in offshore locales such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands and Singapore."

The annoucement can be accessed here  - And The database is here 

You may download the 12 Mb Database just through this link...
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mardi 4 juin 2013

Offshore Profits - Oracle accounted for 21 Billion Unrepatriated

You may find interest in reading the detailled analysis from the  Citizens for Tax Justice Network.

 We do acknoledge Oracle is far behind Google (33 B$,), Cisco (41 B$), Microsoft (61 B$), and Apple (83 B$).
The Total unaccounted Income reaches 283 B$ for 18 Companies !

Aren't those numbers amazing and sickening ?