mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Equal Treatment - Amex for the US only

The current IT status page reminds us that for many years, EMEA is not allowing its employees to join the automatic Amex Claim process. We have never been able to get a sensible answer to this unequal treatment. The project is said to be engaged in Europe since 2005.
And expense processing does take a lot of time when at the same time the systems are ready...
Why wouldn't European employees benefit admin work reduction ?

IT Message Reference : "Certain credit card transactions may not be available due to a technical issue and the ADIT team is working to provide a root cause fix. As a workaround, in case your credit card charges are nearing payment due date, please pay them personally to Amex and claim them as Cash transaction(s). Once the existing issue is resolved and you see the related credit card charge on your Internet Expenses, please use the ‘Delete from Queue – Employee to pay Amex’ option to remove that charge. "