mercredi 23 octobre 2013

Work@Home Agreement in France

Oracle France Labor unions have unanimously signed an agreement regarding Work from home.

This agreement brings the following considerations :
- The Work@Home request is initiated by the employee and the answer to the approval request is provided in a maximum of 30 days.
- The work contract is changed to allow 40 to 100% of Work@Home.
- Work@Home may be denied to an employee, but a written justification has to be provided.
- Work@Home can be cancelled by any party with a one month notive.
- Temporary Work@Home can also be allowed up to 11 months to cover special events (new born, broken leg, relocation, elder care...). 
- insurrance, and employee home office compliance is clarified.
- Office furniture may be purchased through iProc or by the employee up to a maximum of 350 Euros.
- Employee has to comply with any request for meetings by his management under a notification process commonly agreed with the manager.
- High Speed Internet is reimboursed under the general expense policy.
- A monthly allocation is provided to home workers to compensate energy & office occupation (2 days = 10 E, 3 days = 65 E, 4-5 days = 81 Euros).

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  1. Well - Oracle Laid off lots of employees on Dec 2013.